Our Mission

How we make a difference every day

Creating business value with IT

We use proven methods to help business do the right things, the right way, do them well and get the benefits

Our Vision

What inspires us

Paragon is the preferred business partner for managing portfolios of IT-enabled investments in New Zealand

Our Values

Our behaviour & priorities

  • Benefits focussed
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and achieving the highest standards
  • Honesty, integrity, & trustworthiness
  • Listening and informing

Technology only provides a capability to achieve business outcomes. Business changes can represent 80-90% of most major business transformation efforts.

Paragon consultants help clients to consider the whole scope of change needed to realise benefits: 

  • business mission
  • business processes 
  • how people work and are rewarded 
  • organizational structure & culture 
  • addressing the diverse needs of all stakeholders. 
Locking in these changes enables IT to create value.